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Meet Jasimul: Hitting One Career Milestone after Another

Meet Jasimul: Hitting one career milestone after another

As Jasimul Haque, 26, talks about his current project as a Dev10 Associate on client assignment, he breaks into a wide smile, his pride shining through. He recently hit an important milestone for a junior developer: making an end-to-end application.

“Basically, I’m building something from scratch…” he said, adding, “I’m really excited about that and even my team, everybody was congratulating me.”

Jasimul is well on his way to a career in tech, thanks to the training, support and opportunities he’s had through Dev10.

On Assignment

Jasimul completed his 12 weeks of Dev10 training 2022 and was assigned to work for a financial services client. He lives in New York and earned a degree in computer information systems from the City University of New York.

While he had earned a STEM degree, Jasimul still found securing a job as an entry-level software developer to be challenging. He faced a common conundrum for recent tech grads -- employers want people with experience, but to get experience, you need a job.

“I started looking for opportunities and the current job market is very tough… Everybody’s looking for someone with experience,” Jasimul recalled.

Dev10 offered Jasimul the perfect bridge to start his career as a developer. He also found the training at Dev10 to be very useful for his client placement. While his college program gave him a strong background in computer science, most concepts are taught in distinct parts, separated into semester courses. He found, as he approached graduation, that something was missing.

“It can be hard for a student to grasp the entire picture of how they all work together,” he said, adding that the 12 weeks of Dev10 training helped him understand how all the building blocks of software development “click together.”

In his project work, Jasimul has found a niche as the API developer, building the connections between the front-end and back-end development.

Jasimul is also the youngest person on his team, and he says his client co-workers have been very supportive, helping him learn the ins and outs of the company’s processes and work culture.

Mentoring the Dev10 Way

He also has the support of his Dev10 Delivery Director, Katy Tripp. Every Dev10 Associate has a Delivery Director that acts as a mentor. Delivery directors do biweekly check-ins with each Associate to help troubleshoot any problems and identify areas where ongoing education is needed.

“She has been really great,” Jasimul said about Katy. “We do a bi-weekly check in…just to make sure I’m reaching my goals… and I’m really learning and growing, which is really helpful to keep me on track.”

Like many people, Jasimul struggled while in college as he tried to decide on a career path. He describes himself as a creative person, and he found a career in tech was the perfect outlet.

“That’s why I choose this major, because there’s something about bringing an idea to life, you know… It’s a beautiful thing, where you have something on paper, a couple of rules, but you actually make that happen,” he said.


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