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Our Story

It all started with

There was a restaurant manager, a mechanical engineer, an accountant, a
bartender, a lab tech... All Minnesota residents who trusted in this crazy idea of
helping folks without a comp sci degree become software developers.

Since that first cadre of ten brave souls,
Dev10 has grown into a tech talent tour de force!

Much like the start of its parent company, Genesis10, Dev10 began as an
observation: Hiring managers were tearing their hair out, searching for
U.S.-based tech talent that simply did not exist
. In this case, it was

  • Angelia Brekke
  • Tara Wyborny

Angelia Brekke and Tara Wyborny

who, in 2018, put their heads together to create a concept that combined
intense bootcamp-style instruction in coding with Genesis10's deep
understanding of people management. They pitched the idea to Genesis10's
visionary founder,

  • Harley Lippman

Harley Lippman,

and the pilot was enthusiastically greenlighted.

Today, Dev10 has expanded to cover more technologies and reach people in
communities across the United States. We've grown from 10 employees to running 10 classes of 250 Dev10 Associates at oncewell beyond the initial imagination of Angie, Tara and Harley. 

And the best part? We're not done yet!

Through it all (including a global pandemic!) we've remained true to our
core belief in the unlimited potential of people.

We can't wait to show you what we can do together.