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Meet Connor: Climbing to New Heights With Dev10

Meet Connor

Can an arborist become a software developer?

The answer is yes, if you join Dev10!

Connor Wikholm worked a variety of jobs in his 20s – everything from moving luggage as a bell hop at a casino to climbing trees with a chainsaw as an arborist. When he finished earning a business degree with a concentration in computer information systems from California State University, Stanislaus, he began thinking about bringing his career out of the trees and back down to earth.

“I’ve always really had a love for computers, but didn’t necessarily know if that was the direction I wanted to take things,” he said.

It was a Dev10 Recruiter that gave Connor the nudge he needed to pursue a career in tech.

“[The recruiter] was the one who ended up giving me the info, telling me about [Dev10] and everything seemed really ideal, so I ended up just going for it,” he said.

Connor actually found himself in the enviable position of choosing between two opportunities. He was offered a systems analyst job in his home state of California and Dev10.

“I ended up going with Dev10 because I felt like it was more directly correlated with what I see for myself in the future,” he said.

Making the Move

Connor, 29, started his training with Dev10 in March 2023 and then began his client assignment in August 2023. His client required him to make a big move – from California to Memphis, TN. He packed up his car and drove 29 hours over four days with three dogs (one of which was a puppy) in tow.

While the drive was long – and included several motel accidents thanks to the puppy – Connor says he’s enjoyed the move and is settling well into his role in quality assurance at a major U.S.-based hotel chain.

Connor was also joined at his client assignment by another member of his Dev10 training cohort. The pair have been assigned to different departments, but were able to complete onboarding together.

“It's always nice just to have someone to talk to and not be struggling alone or succeeding alone,” he said.

Connor found the three months of training provided by Dev 10 to be rigorous but beneficial. He highlighted the supportive nature of the instructors and the availability of one-on-one sessions for additional help.

“[The instructors] made themselves really available to help and assist and answer questions if you had any concerns,” he said.

Connor’s final project during the Dev10 training involved developing a journal application with two partners, which presented its challenges but ultimately helped him strengthen his coding skills.

Looking ahead, Connor said he’s happy he accepted the job offer to join Dev10 and looks forward to converting to a full-time employee at his current employer.

“It's a really great place to work,” he said.

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