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Meet Benjamin: Dev10 Associate Turned Instructor

Meet Benjamin: Dev10 Associate turned instructor

For Benjamin Leboutillier, Dev10 was such a positive experience he just couldn’t stay away. After coming on board in 2019 as a Dev10 Associate, he recently leveled up – joining our expert team of instructors.

Leboutillier is an example of a Dev10 “career changer.” He had a bachelor’s degree in physics and worked for five years in the health care field as an EMT in an emergency room, drawing blood, starting IVs, and doing EKGs. But after a while, the excitement of the ER dimmed and he began looking for a new path. Several people suggested computer programming as a possibility, but he had zero experience. To test out whether he liked coding, he found an online tutorial.

“I purchased a $10 very basic Python course and took it and thought, ‘This isn't the worst thing in world,’” he said with a smile. “I kind of enjoyed it!”

The Path to Dev10

After getting hooked on coding, he started scouring job boards for tech jobs and found Dev10, which offered him the perfect opportunity – get paid to train in the latest software development technologies and then complete projects at clients on behalf of Dev10. Dev10’s training lasts three months, while the client project work spans two years.

Leboutillier had a “great experience” working for a Dev10 client as an Associate, despite beginning his work assignment just as the pandemic hit in March 2020. He learned how to work remotely along with his team. His work experience also helped him realize that he enjoyed teaching as he became the team member that often shared new ways to solve tech challenges.

After several years working for his Dev10 client, he was ready for a change. He reached out to Tara Wyborny, VP of Talent Development for Dev10, to see if she knew of any consultant roles at Genesis10, the IT staffing parent company of Dev10. But, as it turned out, she had another opportunity in mind.

“She thankfully was looking for a data instructor and that, to me, sounded like the dream job,” he said.

“Ben was a standout from the first day he joined Dev10 as an Associate,” said Wyborny. “We were so excited to welcome him back as an Instructor. Having walked in the shoes of our Associates, he brings an invaluable perspective, in addition he has natural curiosity, empathy and intelligence — exactly what makes a great instructor.”

The rest, as they say, is history. He joined the 21-member Dev10 instruction team in September 2022 and he’s using his experience as an Associate to help support his students.

“It’s rewarding to be able to see people that were in the spot that I was in encountering the same challenges that I remember encountering, but now I can help them through it,” he said, adding, “That’s probably been the best part” of returning to Dev10 as an instructor.

Leboutillier said he can also empathize with the Dev10 Associates as they navigate the three-month training and begin the process of getting placed with a client, which often includes multiple interviews.

“I feel like I can relate pretty well with the associates,” he said.


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