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Comparably shines spotlight on Brekke, Dev10

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What do we hear from our clients about Dev10 Associates? 

One client, an insurance company, shared that it’s often easier to bring on a Dev10 Associate than a 10-year seasoned consultant. The client added that Dev10 Associates are contributing to a project in as few as one or two weeks. Talk about a smooth on-boarding!  

That feedback is “amazing to hear because most people have the perspective that maybe in two months we’ll get something out of our junior talent,” said Angie Brekke, President of Dev10, in a recent profile on the workplace culture and compensation site, Comparably.

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Brekke also shares how her personal background has influenced Dev10. She was the first in her extended family to graduate from college. She credits her mother for valuing education and showing that college would provide “a pathway to a different kind of life.” 

Not only did Brekke earn a college degree, but she majored in computer science, something that was exceedingly rare at the time for a woman (although progress has been made, men still out-number women in most tech roles in the United States). After working as a consultant at Ernst & Young, Brekke eventually landed at Genesis10, where she found an entrepreneurial culture that served as the perfect incubator for Dev10. 

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Dev10 is the tech talent development arm of New York-based staffing and consulting firm Genesis10