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Got Questions?

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General Questions


What cities does Dev10 operate in?
Please visit Our Locations page.

I live in [insert city]. Will Dev10 come to me?
Maybe! We are expanding all the time. Our locations are driven by the needs of our clients. Please check our website regularly for updates on where we are recruiting.

What happens after training?
As a Dev10 employee, you are aligned with a client project and work full-time as a Software or Data Engineer.

What is Genesis10 and what does it have to do with Dev10?
Genesis10 is a staffing and IT consulting services firm. Dev10 was founded by members of the Genesis10 management team in 2018.

Is Dev10 a job?
Yes, it’s a job and so much more! From Day 1 of training, you are our employee as well as a member of the Dev10 community—an amazing collection of bright, passionate, committed risk-takers who love using tech to make life a little better.      

Do people like being Dev10 Associates?
Yes, they really do! But don't take our word for it. Visit the Dev10 Associates page and hear what their experience has been.

Application Process


Do you have to be a recent college graduate to join Dev10?
No! Many of our incredible Dev10 Associates began their careers far from Software or Data Engineering. We’ve helped flight attendants, teachers, artists, and many others get into tech.

Do I have to relocate?
That depends! If you happen to live in a city where we are hiring, then the answer is no, you don’t have to relocate. But you may need to relocate if you live outside our current recruitment area.

What kind of skills are you looking for in a Dev10 Associate?
Dev10 looks for people that have a passion for technology, a love of learning and the drive to overcome challenges. We also need people that get people – it’s not enough to just know the tech. Dev10 Associates are as comfortable presenting to an executive team as they are writing code.

I don’t have a computer. Will you provide one?
Yes! We have loaner laptops for those who need them.

How do I apply to become a Dev10 Associate?
Simply go to our Apply Today page.



What positions does Dev10 hire for?
We are hiring Software Developers (Java) and Data Professionals (Data).

What technologies does the training cover?
The Java track focuses on building and modifying applications. Our Java Associates learn how to use HTML, SQL, CSS, React, Docker, JavaScript, Spring and REST. The Data track focuses on analysis, visualization, data science and machine learning. Our Data Associates learn how to use SQL, Python, Pandas, Kafka, Power BI, Microsoft Azure and Advanced Excel.

What is a cohort model?
You’ll hear us use the word “cohort” a lot at Dev10. It means that you are assigned to a group – or cohort – and you complete your training with that group of individuals over the course of three months. In many colleges, you attend classes with a different group of students in each class. When you work with Dev10, you complete your training with the same group. Some cohorts are aligned with the same client post-training, but that’s not always the case.

Will I work independently or in a group during training?
Both! Sometimes you’ll study and work on a project on your own. Sometimes you’ll work in a group. Once aligned to a client project, you’ll need to be comfortable working in both modes.  

What are the Dev10 Instructors like?
Our instructors are coding veterans and they’re passionate about creating the next generation of engineers. They love what they do.

How long is the training?
The training component is 12 to 13 weeks. Client projects, following training, vary from 12 to 24 months.

What are the Dev10 training hours?
Core hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. CT to 4 p.m. CT.

Client-Related Questions


How do I know if a Dev10 Associate is a good fit for my project?
Talk to us! We’re here to ensure everyone—the Associate and our clients—is successful. Often, a little extra training—like Salesforce, Pega or Flutter—fills the gap. Schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

When do I select a Dev10 Associate?
Great question. Clients who want to hand-pick their Dev10 Associate are encouraged to interview well before the completion of training—beginning in the sixth week. Our goal is to know you, your team, projects and culture such that you are comfortable with us selecting the right talent for you. We get that we need to earn that.

How do I assess technical skills before the completion of training?
This is where a little trust is required. Clients who interview ask culture and behavioral-based questions to ensure the Associate has the right soft skills for their team. Some will share riddles or problems and ask Associates how they’d go about tackling the problem to gain insight into their problem solving approach. In short, Dev10 will deliver the technical skills. We recommend client leaders focus their selection on the cultural, personality and communication skills fit.

Do I hire a Dev10 Associate as a contractor or as an employee?
Dev10 Associates are hired by you as a contractor for a specified contract duration. While most of our clients want the ability to convert Dev10 Associates to permanent employees after a one year assignment, Dev10 Associates can be retained on a contract basis.

Where do you source your talent from?
That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?! Our approach is to create tech talent by hiring exceptional people with a passion for tech. Half of Dev10 Associates are changing careers — flight attendants, musicians, teachers, even an orchestra conductor! The other half are recent college graduates who discovered their love of coding a little too late in their academic career. We believe these diverse backgrounds make our Dev10 Associates special; they expand an IT team’s view of the problem and the solution.  

Can I customize training?
Our core curricula are foundational. We build additional or tool-specific skills through advanced tracks that are tacked on to the end of our three-month intensive. Talk with us; we’ve probably already had the request from another client. 

How is Dev10 different than other Hire/Train/Deploy Models?
In three really important ways: 

First, Dev10 Associates agree to live in one of our Locations. Others in the industry require their trainees to agree to relocation anywhere in North America. We believe top talent deserves the right to decide where they live.

Second, Dev10 uses a cohort model to deliver a community experience with a focus on shared learning — not unlike a corporate IT environment.  

Lastly, our instructors are industry veterans; not recent bootcamp grads who were taught to train. Each cohort has two dedicated instructors who guide Associates on this journey. In our Associate videos, you’ll hear how supportive and accessible our instructors are!  

What happens if they don’t work out?
We work closely with all our clients and Associates to ensure a good fit. In fact, we provide on-going, customized training for each Dev10 Associate to help them navigate project assignments.  

How is Dev10 different from staffing?
It’s better!  Staffing is a zero-sum game — companies compete against each other for the limited talent available; essentially, trading talent back and forth. Dev10 is actually growing the tech workforce in the United States. It opens the door for bright, committed people to highly rewarding and lucrative tech careers.   

Is there a minimum number required to engage?
No. There’s no maximum either! 😊

Where are your Associates located? Are you just U.S.-based?
Our mission is to address the tech talent shortage by reskilling exceptional people here in the United States. Please see our Locations page for specific cities. 

Do your candidates have college degrees?
Yes, from a variety of academic fields from math to philosophy, from biology to musical performance, and some have computer science/MIS degrees.